Pokemon GO uses PokeStops to raise awareness for global causes


Niantic has teamed with Global Goals and Project Everyone for an interesting new way to make people aware of some common issues around the world.

The project will see several special destinations around in Switzerland transformed into PokeStops. These PokeStops will be specially marked with a specific issue plaguing the world, such as poverty, preservation of the environment, and equal access to quality education.

The PokeStops are mostly located along the Davos district where the Global Goals for Sustainable Development conference is taking place.

We imagine these places will be outfitted with information about the conference, and about the specific cause that they’re representing.

Using a geolocation video game to help spread the word about good causes is probably our favorite thing to come from Pokemon GO to date, and we’re hoping Niantic is exploring more of these partnerships to use Pokemon GO as a way to bring people together not just to have fun, but to better the world. Be sure to stop by one of the places on this map if you happen to be in the area.

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