6 former Huawei employees have been detained over infringement claims


When an employee is hired by a rival company there is always a chance that information will be shared which shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, it still happens and it seems that Huawei is dealing with this currently as 6 former employees are being accused of “infringing the intellectual property rights”.

The 6 engineers and designers left their positions at Huawei for Coolpad and its parent company, LeEco. However, they have been detained due to these accusations while the investigation continues.

However, Coolpad has stated that the lawyers and families have not taken any “technology documents or codes from Huawei”. Regardless, Huawei has continued to stay quiet despite the accusations, which isn’t all that surprising.

These same 6 employees are also under investigation by the Shenzen Public Securities Department, in China. This is due to a patent that was filed before joining Coolpad and after leaving Huawei.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether this will end up going to court, or if there will be some type of settlement.



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