Reminder: today is the last day to download your Vines


As Twitter mentioned before, Vine’s social element is shutting down today as the service transforms into a camera app used to create Vine-esque videos that are meant for sharing on Twitter. It sucks for those who liked the separation, but perhaps this is better for Twitter’s business.

Anyway, that also means today is the last day you can use the Vine app to download your old Vines, so you’ll want to get on that if you have anything in the archives that you want to preserve. Once Twitter formally launches their new Vine camera, you can upload your Vines directly to the social network and they’ll be posted just like other Twitter video, only they’ll also loop so you can still enjoy creative loops or endless laughs like you used to.

Don’t take too long to download your videos today as we’re not sure on the exact timing of the transition. Be sure to read through the FAQ here if you need more details.

Quentyn Kennemer
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