Say goodbye to Vine as you know it on January 17th


Twitter is having some tough times staying relevant between social behemoths like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Back in October 2016, it was announced that it’s off-shoot short-form video site Vine would be shutting down. We weren’t given an exact date, but that day has finally arrived. The social aspect of Vine will shut down on January 17.

As promised, you can head to the site and download all of your existing Vines until then. Once January 17th arrives, the Vine website will be converted into an archive so you can see all of your existing Vine content that was created before the shutdown.

On January 17, the existing Vine app will become the Vine Camera. Users of Vine will be notified of the change before it happens, but the Vine Camera is essentially the same thing but using Twitter as the social medium of choice for uploading the 6.5 second videos. This solves two problems for Twitter, as it integrates Vine into the main platform instead of spinning it off into its own, while also keeping the concept of “vines” alive on Twitter.

If you have any questions about the shutdown or want to know how to remove your content before it becomes archived, head on over to the Vine FAQ.
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