Samsung S Health update could let you schedule doctor’s appointments on your phone


Samsung’s S Health has been refined into a great health platform over the years, and that refinement could take an interesting turn soon. SamMobile is reporting that they’re looking to get actual doctors involved with S Health.

That is, you will be able to not only schedule appointments with your doctor, but may even conduct a video appointment in case you can’t get in to see them right away. You could provide photos to your doctor to help determine whether you need to come in for an issue, and information about your appointment could be stored in the app for easy access later.

It’s not unlike the dream Apple laid out when they first launched HealthKit, only theirs was a lot less ambitious on the surface. And boy, is this supposed idea from Samsung ambitious.

They would need to do some serious infrastructure work if they want it to take off. We’re sure they’d have to work directly with healthcare providers and doctors to put the technology in place and work the logistics out, and even then it would have to be more than just a hodgepodge of providers offering it before they could make a serious marketing push for it.

It’s said all of it could go right alongside the Galaxy S8’s launch, which makes sense if Samsung is to keep to the trend of launching at least 1-2 significant services with each flagship launch.

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