Apple versus Samsung will continue thanks to the US Court of Appeals


Apple and Samsung have been fighting in court for the past umpteen (more than 5) years, and it seems that the fun may never end. It seems the two tech giants are heading back to court again after the US Appeals Court reopened the patent case.

The case originated over the claims that Samsung copied the original design for the iPhone, along with various features including the home screen and bezels. Apple originally had won its claims of patent infringement and was awarded $1 billion in damages. However, that ruling was overturned and the amount was drastically lowered to a paltry $399 million.

Samsung is hoping that the results of the reopening of this case will either reduce or remove the need to pay Apple in damages. The history of court cases between Apple and Samsung has been exhaustive, but we’re hoping everything can finally be put to bed sooner rather than later.

[SamMobile | Law360]


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