HTC 10’s Nougat update could resume within a few weeks’ time


HTC had to halt the HTC 10’s Nougat rollout shortly after it began due to some unforeseen stability issues that cropped up. We’re always sad to see it happen, but better to take more time with it and get it right before setting more of the forest ablaze.

So, when will things resume? HTC has yet to give word of their own, but LlabTooFer claims to have it on good authority that we’ll see things resume within 3 weeks.

It’s said HTC is looking to align the resumed rollout with the rollout of their January security patch, which we assume means those who were fortunate enough to get Nougat before the gates closed will get the follow-up fixes that the previous rollout was stopped for in the first place. Of course, if you already have Nougat and aren’t experiencing any game-breaking issues, rock on.

Quentyn Kennemer
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