Jan 11th, 2017

Here’s a quick and friendly PSA to all our gamers anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mario on Android: the wait is still on. There is no current way to play Super Mario Run on Android.

So when you see APKs floating about claiming to deliver the game you so crave, remember that it’s not official. In fact, one such APK seems to be housing a dangerous form of malware known as Marcher which can read your SMS files and snag your banking info.

As we always say, you should mostly be looking to the Google Play Store for any apps you need as these apps typically don’t make it past Google’s gatekeepers. And if you absolutely need to download a third-party APK, be absolutely sure that you can trust its source.

As for Super Mario Run, make sure you sign up to be notified when it launches on Android at the Google Play Store. This way, you’ll get a notification the moment it drops and you can have your fun without the headache of also dealing with a crisis of stolen identity.

[via ZDNet]

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