Jan 11th, 2017

Skin this cat anyway you want it, but the Fossil line of smartwatches have all taken a sharp about face and exited the Google Store. Going to Google’s website currently only shows the Nixon Mission, Michael Kors Access, Moto 360, and Polar brand of smartwatches.

Google typically doesn’t offer any details on why they decide to remove products when they do. One might assume it’s because the Fossil Q devices have gotten a bit long in the tooth by now — the first one launched in late 2016, after all. But the Moto 360 is even older than it, and it’s still rocking over at the Google Store.

That leads us to believe that it has something to do with poor sales and Google simply being uninterested in ordering more stock. If you really want a Fossil smartwatch at this point then you can still find them from Fossil’s own online storefront, but we’re going to suggest you hold off to wait and see what 2017 options will have to offer.

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