Jan 10th, 2017

The ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe is getting a quick update. It’s not Nougat — not yet, anyway — but it does bring with it some key changes that users will be glad to have.

For starters, we’re getting improved touch latency, so the time it takes from you interacting with the display to the UI actually responding to your input should be noticeably faster. We’re glad it’s something ASUS was able to take care of with a software update.

Plus, we’re getting a new audio mode called “Pure” which ASUS notes only works when headphones are connected to the phone. We imagine it’s a mode that would look to offer studio-level audio without any specific biases for things like bass. Topping it all off is a tutorial for the device’s NFC chip, helpful for those who aren’t privy to its powers.

Anywho, look for version when it hits your phone. To check for it, hit up Settings > About > System Update.

[via ASUS]

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