Verizon will force you off of unlimited data plans if you use more than 200GB


It seems we have to have these moments once per year, but Verizon has once again made another move to force more people off their unlimited data plan. This time, the company has reportedly set a threshold where they will force you off the plan if you were to exceed it.

That threshold is said to be 200GB of data. If you hit that mark, Verizon will notify you and ask you to either move to one of their new plans or opt to cancel your service.

It sucks, folks, but this is the deal now. Truly unlimited data is long gone, and the definition of the word has been disfigured so much that they can pretty much make up new rules as they go. Add in the fact that anyone on these plans should technically be outside of any contract period by now, and there’s no legal restraint for them to do it. Let’s just hope they don’t start lowering that threshold even more in the future.

[via Droid-Life]

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