Jan 9th, 2017

At CES, NVIDIA unveiled the next generation of their SHIELD Android TV box. It’s smaller and lighter, and will ship with a whole gang of new features alongside the Android Nougat update, including Google Assistant.

We wouldn’t blame current SHIELD owners for being a little uneasy about the news, especially if their purchase of the original model was more recent. But thankfully, there’s no reason to be sour about it: all those features are coming to the old ones, too.

That also comes alongside word that the new accessories will work, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t: they use the same connectivity protocols and offer the same functionality, only they’re more ergonomic. So, if you aren’t exactly in need of the smaller size of the new SHIELD TV, then there’s no reason to replace your old one. Stay tuned for more details on the update’s arrival. As for newcomers, the base model will go on sale for $199 later this month.

[via Android Central]