Jan 5th, 2017

The best Android TV device is getting an awesome upgrade. NVIDIA has announced a new version of the Shield TV box. The new model has a number of new features that make it a very compelling device for more than just streaming video on your TV.

First, it now supports 4K HDR streaming. Android TV currently has access to 4K content from Google Play, Netflix, Vudu, and the newly added Amazon Video (not available on all Android TV boxes). Another big bonus with this new model is you don’t have to buy the remote separately. Both the game controller and remote are included in the $199 price.

Now, for some of the cool extras. The Shield TV will be the first TV box to support Google Assistant. It will work exactly like Google Home. A new accessory called “NVIDIA Spot” can be placed anywhere in your home for always-listening functionality. “Spot” only costs $50. If that’s not smart enough for you, the new Shield TV can integrate with SmartThings hubs, which allows you to control tons of smart home gadgets.

NVIDIA hasn’t forgotten about gamers. The new model supports thousands of games and NVIDIA will be releasing a Steam app some time in the future. And for anyone with the current Shield TV, a software update will add these new features later this month.

The new and improved Shield TV will be available later this month for $199. There will also be a “Pro” model available with a more full-feature controller, remote with headphone jack, and 500GB of storage. NVIDIA did not share pricing for that model.

[via NVIDIA]

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