Verizon increases the upgrade fee while getting rid of 2-year contracts


Upgrade fees are a necessary evil in the world of carrier contracts, and one that consumers have bene complaining about for years. The latest news for Verizon customers isn’t good, as the company has announced upgrade fees will be increased from $20 to $30.

However, the buck doesn’t stop there as Verizon has also nixed the ability for existing customers to upgrade their lines with another 2-year contract. This forces everyone into Verizon’s payment plan for devices, instead of getting devices at a subsidized price.

Everyone knew this move would be coming, it was just a matter of timing. So Verizon picked the only time that made sense with CES news dominating much of the airwaves. In fact, 2-year contracts have been unavailable for new customers since that announcement was made back in 2015.

Now, if you’re in a current 2-year contract and want to upgrade to say, the Pixel or Pixel XL, you will be forced into device payment plans or will have to purchase the device at full retail price. Plus, on top of that, you will still be charged the $30 upgrade fee which is being tacked on.

Even as John Legere attempts to change the world with T-Mobile, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there really isn’t a great US carrier option.

[Droid Life | Verizon]


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