Verizon kills off contracts and device subsidies with new simplified wireless plans


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Say what you will about T-Mobile, but there’s little denying they’re almost single-handedly responsible for some of the bigger changes we’ve seen in the wireless industry. After T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plans first went live over 2 years ago, Verizon is now finally ready to kill off contracts, and phone subsidies along with it. Kicking things off are Verizon’s now much more straightforward service plans.

Customers choose how much data they’d like — 1GB for $30, 3GB for $45, 6GB for $60, or 12GB for $80 — adding however many devices to this shared bucket of data for $20 per device ($10 for hotspots and $5 for smartwatches). Oh, and although it wasn’t in their press release, Re/code reports that customers who go over their data limit will have to pay $15 per 1GB. The new plans aren’t that much cheaper, but Verizon hopes it’s a lot more clearer. The problem? It means you’ll either need to bring your own Verizon compatible device, pay full price for one of theirs, or slowly pay off a phone using Verizon’s installment payments (they’re also officially killing off the “Edge” moniker).

Since the majority of the people in the US have never even thought about paying full price for a new smartphone, most of them will be adding their installment payments on top of those plans + connectivity fees. The new plans go into effect on August 13th and existing customers will be able to hang onto their current plans or move to the new ones with “some restrictions.”

With the biggest wireless carrier in the US killing off contracts, we imagine it wont be too much longer before AT&T and Sprint finally cave. What do you guys think of Verizon’s move?



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