Volkswagen will also be integrating Amazon Alexa into vehicles


Yesterday, we wrote about Ford bringing Amazon Alexa to cars in 2017. Today, a second car maker is jumping on the Alexa hype train. Amazon has announced that Volkswagen will be including Alexa in vehicles.

Like Ford’s implementation, Alexa will be useful while driving and while in your home. When you’re home, you can check up on fuel levels and send directions to your car for when you start driving. Conversely, while you’re in the car you can control smart things in your home. Like opening the garage door and turning on lights when you arrive.

At first glance, you might not see the value in having a virtual assistant in your car. It’s the integration with devices in your home that makes it so useful. Vehicles being able to communicate with your home is the stuff we see in sci-fi movies. Are you excited about having more tech in your car?

[via Amazon]

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