Amazon Alexa can now ride in Ford cars with you


Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, is showing up in everything these days. The latest device to get Alexa’s voice is actually not something you would think of as a “device.” Amazon and Ford are partnering to bring Alexa to cars.

This means you can control your car remotely and while driving. Imagine using your voice to open your garage doors or turn the lights on in your house as you pull in. While driving, Alexa can play audiobooks and music from your Amazon Cloud. Think of something you need to buy while driving? Tell Alexa to add it to your cart.

In your house, you can use Alexa to start your car, unlock/lock the doors, or check fuel level. If you need to know how long it will take to get to work, ask about fuel to find out if you’ll have to stop at the gas station first. These Alexa commands will come first to the Ford Focus Electric, Fusion Energi, and C-MAX Energi. The other commands will come to cars with Ford SYNC 3 this summer.

[via Ford]

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