Google shares what smartphones need to become Daydream compatible


Daydream has been stealing the show over the last few days after it was announced that new devices would be updated with support for the VR platform. It all started with a leak from Qualcomm which revealed the ASUS ZenFone AR which was introduced at CES. Then, Google confirmed that the following devices would also be updated with support for Daydream:

However, when Google revealed the plans to release Daydream at Google I/O 2016, there were many of us wondering why our beloved Nexus 6P (RIP) wouldn’t be supported. Now, Amit Singh, VP of Business and Operations for Google VR, has shared what it takes for a device to become “Daydream-Ready”.

The combination of performance needs a few things in the stack. The right GPU, Android N and above, and OLED display. There are others, but you need that spec for high performance. If you don’t, your latency is high enough that you’ll notice it, and that immersion is broken and that’s not a good experience.

According to Singh there is a combination of factors that go into whether a device can or cannot support Daydream. One of the factors, however, seems to be the display. This would explain why the Huawei Mate 9 won’t be updated to support Daydream, while the Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Design will. The two latter devices feature a QHD display, while the Mate 9 features FHD display.


The reason why we likely won’t see Daydream coming to budget devices anytime soon is the need for a powerful processor combined with a good display. However, Singh also confirmed that Google is still working with manufacturers to perfect the “spec” needed for future devices.

Despite being released alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL, it seems there’s a lot of work left to get Daydream on more devices. However, it’s great to see Google taking the initiative to create future possibilities.

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