3D Moto X 2017 renders leak [VIDEO]


It seems Motorola is keen on keeping the Moto X line alive, whether that be as a mid-range darling or a beasty contender like it was before the Moto Z took its shine. New renders of the device based on CAD drawings obtained by OnLeaks purport to show us what to expect.

At first glance, it totally looks Moto. It shares some characteristics with the Moto Z, including that unsightly camera hump on the rear and the all-important Moto dimple. What it doesn’t share on that side of the device, however, are contact pins, a sign that we may not be getting Moto Mods support.

The device appears to be metal with chamfered edges, though it’s tough to tell based on CAD renders whether the backplate is truly metal. Swinging to the front reveals the display and a fingerprint sensor beneath it. Thankfully, Motorola seems to be ditching the round-cornered square from the Moto Z devices for something a bit more wide. It’s not that the square didn’t work… it was just plain odd. Whatever.

More pressing are connectivity options, and you may be surprised to learn that Moto has brought back the 3.5mm headphone jack after ditching it on the Moto Z line. Curiously enough, they also decided not to go with USB-C for this one. It could just be a profit margin thing, but who knows?

Overall, the device does appear to be pretty attractive, but we’re not sure if that’s just a testament to OnLeaks’ vision based on the dimensions they received. We’ll want to wait for actual press renders to leak before we pass any further judgment.

[via Android Authority]

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