Extreme delay on your Pixel order? It could arrive way sooner than expected


If you’ve ever ordered anything over the holidays, you know that delays — whether due to stock issues, business availability, or shipment delays — can be pretty common. What’s not common, however, is when delays are extended several months.

That’s what appears to be happening for some unfortunate Pixel buyers, though. A big holiday shipping thread at Reddit is brewing with tales of folks who are seeing their orders delayed excessive amounts of time.

The majority of issues seem to be with Verizon buyers, whose orders are being updated to show a February 17th, 2017 ship date. Some of the orders showing these delays were made in early December and would amount to over 2 months of waiting time.

One outlier case had their order in as early as November 11th, but their shipment wasn’t slated to arrive until December 26th, only to then be told they’d have to wait until February 17th. That would make for 100 days’ worth of delays.

Thankfully, it seems the delays may not be quite that long. Some Verizon associates have reportedly mentioned that the updated shipping date their customers are seeing likely isn’t 100% correct.

Indeed, many of those with early complaints have since been given more reasonable shipment expectations of early-to-mid-January, with a good chunk of those cases already having received their units as of this writing. Coming from prior experience with Big Red, I can attest to delayed shipments being delivered far sooner than my estimate showed.

There doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason in terms of which models are being delayed. Reports range from Blue, Black and White Pixels in 32GB or 128GB storage configurations.

What this sounds like is a classic case of faulty inventory reporting. Someone on either end of this thing — either Google or Verizon — likely incorrectly specified the amount of orders that would be fulfilled by a given date, thus resulting in reports of extraneous delays and subsequent reports of faster shipment than expected.

So, if your order has been updated with an extremely lengthy shipment delay, don’t panic. Call Verizon and see if you can’t get a better idea of when your phone will actually reach your doorstep. We’ll be reaching out to both Verizon and Google to see where all the confusion stems from.

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