Samsung could be announcing a new generation of wireless earbuds alongside Galaxy S8


Samsung took their first crack at truly wireless earbuds with the Samsung Gear IconX. They aren’t perfect, but they work, and most importantly for Samsung, they’re on the market right alongside Apple’s AirPods.

For the Samsung Galaxy S8’s launch, it seems Samsung could be working toward that perfection. SamMobile reports the company is prepping a new line of completely wireless earbuds to be launched right alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8.

There are no details on their plans just yet, but we imagine that they’ll want to get a couple of key areas down. For starters, battery life: while the Gear IconX was usable in that regard, it drew too much power from the tiny 47mAh batteries inside to stand more than a few hours’ time, and that’s if you scale its capabilities back to the bare necessity.

The carrying + charging case was a nice way for folks to alleviate their pains throughout their days, but it was still problematic. There was also the matter of connectivity issues and simply average audio quality.

With murmurings that Samsung is toying around with the idea of ditching 3.5mm headphone jacks (we really, really, really hope they don’t) then they’ll want to make sure they can provide quality alternatives for those not interested in fiddling around with adapters.

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