Dec 28th, 2016

Well, the Christmas season is over, and most people have opened their gifts by now. Yahoo-backed Flurry is an analytics firm and they looked into recent device activations between December 19th and December 25th to see which phones were the most popular.

Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone around the globe, but it can give us a good general indication about who earned the most dollars over this gift-giving season.

Apple was the biggest device manufacturer in that regard, with the company activating 44% of all new smartphones throughout that period. Samsung came in at a respectable 21% for second place. Third place is where the massive dropoff that we always see occurs: Huawei accounted for just 3%, while everyone else commanded 2% or less.

What’s more interesting is that Samsung’s performance actually represents a 1% climb year-over-year, which is pretty good for the company considering their holiday blockbuster launch literally went up in flames. That kind of stuff is why folks over in South Korea aren’t worried about the future, so long as episodes like that don’t keep happening.

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