How playing GoNNER is never the same game twice


Meet Ikk. He has a skull for a face, and he’s good friends with a whale named Sally. One thing you need to know about Sally is that she’s no ordinary whale. She’s enormous, of course. That’s a given. But she also is landlocked and that makes her anything but conventional.

Now available to download on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, GoNNER (download it here) is a new indie platforming adventure that puts players in control of Ikk. He feels bad for his friend, who is depressed by her unusual plight. Nobley, he decides to venture into some nearby caverns and recover amusing trinkets that just might brighten her day. There’s a lot of risk involved, naturally, but with all of that risk comes the possibility of great rewards.


Since GoNNER is developed by indie studio Art in Heart, which was founded by an artist, it quite naturally takes an artistic visual approach that looks unlike most games you’ll find on the marketplace today. The game features a variety of unique environments, crammed full of vicious monsters that always look terrific, even though they’re trying to tear you from limb to limb, or at least make a light snack out of you.

Stages are procedurally-generated, and packed full of secrets. You’re not expected to survive your initial runs through the treacherous corridors, but you might just manage to live long enough that you unearth devious secrets and discover items that could make subsequent attempts more successful. And of course, you’re almost certain to get better with practice, and to discover more clever or efficient ways to kill enemies so that you can secure a better spot on the included leaderboards. Just don’t tell your friends how you did it. Make them fight for survival, just like you will.

Since no two adventures are ever quite the same, you need to pay close attention to your surroundings and keep your reflexes sharp. Fortunately, Death is along to lend a hand. The abilities and weapons he provides give you the edge and help fend off rigor mortis.

Look for GoNNER today. It plays beautifully on the SHIELD Android TV, and you can find it on Google Play for $6.69. Sally will surely be grateful.

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