Police attempt to acquire Amazon Echo data in murder case [POLL]


More and more devices are being released which look to improve our way of life, while helping us perform menial tasks with ease. However, what happens when a crime is committed and one of these devices may be able to overhear important information.

This is something we’ve seen with the iPhone in the San Bernadino case and now an Amazon Echo may hold some important information in a murder case. A murder case in Arkansas has left the authorities requesting access from Amazon to the stored data on an Amazon Echo.

Without going into gruesome details, the Echo was being used in a home where a first-degree murder may have been committed. Since the Echo is capable of “always listening” police are wondering if there is any information that was accidentally acquired by the Echo.

The authorities in the murder case were unable to extract any information specifically from the Echo, so they reached out to Amazon for help. However, Amazon declined the request to access a certain level of privacy. The company did share some information about the defendant with the police, including account details and purchases.

This may be another important case to keep an eye on, as more and more of these devices are becoming readily available on a regular basis. This could definitely spark some controversy, so we’re going to pose the question to you. Should manufacturers of these IoT devices be required to give information to the authorities in the event of a criminal case?

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