Dec 20th, 2016

We’ve heard for a while now that NVIDIA is prepping a SHIELD refresh, potentially for launch at CES in a few weeks. The purpose of the refresh is to bring us full 4K video support, but it should otherwise be the same SHIELD you’ve come to know and love.

New leaks purport to give us an idea of what, exactly, we’re dealing with. The set-top box seemingly has the same design, though the leaked pictures that the renders are based on seem to show it coming in 2 different sizes. There’s no telling what the size difference means in terms of feature differences, so we’ll have to wait for more to see what, exactly, we’re dealing with. The voice-controlled remote also seems to be the same as previous models.

The gaming controller, on the other hand, is said to be getting a design overhaul. It’ll supposedly ditch the touchpad and also has an uncomfortable-looking design, but is supposedly said to be more ergonomic than the original (viewed below). It also moves the media control buttons to the bottom. Neato.

Of course, this render is based on a photo of the real thing so we’ll have to wait until we can actually see one and get it in our hands to see if it’s any better or worse, all of it being subjective, anyway. Let’s hope to hear more at CES.

[via Android Police]

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