Dec 15th, 2016

Galaxy-Note-7-review (13)

A few days ago, Samsung announced its intention to issue a software update to all remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices to prevent them from connecting to cellular networks or charging once dead. Verizon announced that it would not put this update on December 19th as Samsung planned, citing the holidays as a reason it didn’t want to leave its customers stranded.

Now, Verizon has announced that it will be pushing this update to Galaxy Note 7 devices on its network, but not until January 5th. The company also urges you to return your Galaxy Note 7 device if you haven’t already.

Die-hard Galaxy Note 7 owners across the internet are refusing to return the device for a myriad of different reasons, some citing a lack of equivalent phone and not wanting to deal with the return process as reasons. Still others on enthusiast forums like XDA Developers are suggesting those users who want to keep their phone should flash a different ROM to prevent the OTA update from killing the device.

We can’t condone this since Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, the FAA and more have been urging customers for three months now to return their devices. The troubled history of the Galaxy Note 7 is finally drawing to a close.

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