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A few weeks ago we wrote a story about Allo growth that showed Google’s new text-based messaging service isn’t going over so well with the general public. Allo achieved more than 5 million downloads within the first week of being released, but it took nearly two months to double the numbers in the first week. That’s pretty slow growth considering the response Allo received when it debuted.

It’s not surprising, either. Google hyped up the Allo launch at Google I/O this year and many people expected it to be their competitor to iMessage. However, no web access to the service, no text messaging and RCS support, and the lack of integration with Duo for video calls has made many feel as though Allo is yet another redundant product that Google is wasting their time on.

What about you? Have you been using Allo at all? I was part of the initial wave that downloaded it just to try it out, but it was like pulling teeth to get my non-techie friends to download yet another app to message on when there are already services that perform that function so well. Plenty of them thought Google Assistant was just creepy, too.

What do you use to message your friends and family mostly? Would you be willing to retry Allo if Google incorporated things that made it the iMessage clone that many people thought it should be?

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