After more than 5 million downloads in a week, Allo growth has stalled


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When Allo launched back in September, it managed to achieve more than five million downloads in just five days. Since then, the app has slowly slid down the Google Play Store rankings, where it sits at #200 now, just a short two months after launch. For over 60 days, Google’s new messaging service hasn’t budged from its current download count, which means growth of the app has slowed considerably.

Allo launched without several features that were expected from Android users, including multi-device support, no SMS or RCS support, and no way to backup messages. While many Android fans expected Allo to be Google’s answer to Apple’s own iMessage thanks to the reliance on a phone number, it was hardly the competitor that most hoped to see.

Many expected Allo to have some sort of Duo integration as well, but sadly that was not included with the launch of the service, though integration between the two has been hinted at by the development team. Still, it’s not surprising at all to see that Allo growth has stalled when these key features are lacking in the app. Google’s own Hangouts is often a better way to converse through text with your friends, so most have little incentive to try Allo.

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