Events from Facebook gets released for Android after two months on iOS


Back in October, Facebook released an app for iOS users by the name of “Events from Facebook“. This application allows you to search your area and find different events that are going on. The app also allows you to search for different areas to see what’s going on and plan accordingly.


As of today, the app has been officially released for Android users and brings all the same features that can be found in its iOS counterpart. The app also allows you to import your calendar information into the app, making it easier to view your itinerary and schedule events for yourself.


Although Events by Facebook probably won’t be an application that everyone jumps to install, it is still useful for those who live their lives on Facebook. Plus, it would definitely help make sure you don’t miss that local bar crawl or monthly yard sale that you keep forgetting about.

Hit the button below, and give Events a shot then let us know what you think about it. Could you see yourself using Events on a regular basis, or are you just going to continue to look at events through the Facebook app itself?

Download on Google Play


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