Leap Motion brings controller-free hand recognition to mobile VR


Mobile VR is taking off quite fast. Google spearheaded the movement with the original Cardboard initiative and Samsung helped take it to the next level with Gear VR.

It’s Leap Motion’s turn. This company, if you don’t know, offers motion controllers that can be attached to VR headsets. These controllers track hand movement in such a fine way that individual fingers can be recognized and recreated in a virtual scenario, something that allows you to interact with the world around you without needing a controller to do so. The video above should immediately make your mouth water for this.


To date, the company has built solutions for PC-based VR systems, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but they know that mobile is a very ripe platform for mainstream VR, and they’re looking to bring some of their magic to phones.

Leap says they’ve designed a brand new Motion unit from the ground up that focuses on low power consumption and a low profile. In fact, they’re demoing their current efforts on the Samsung Gear VR as an example of how adaptable their new motion controller can be.

In the works for Leap Motion is a full SDK for developers who want to incorporate motion tracking in their VR games and apps. The result should be experiences which are more natural and intuitive, not to mention more immersive as your hands — not chunky pieces of plastic — are your keys to controlling the virtual world. We’re promised to be seeing more at forthcoming events, so stay tuned!

[via Leap Motion]

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