Verizon’s Pixel and Pixel XL get a slew of bug fixes


The Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL are getting a big bundle of bug fixes today. Build NMF260 is making its way out of the oven with a bunch of fixes, most of which pertain to visual voicemail. Here’s all that the company has solved:

  • Customers couldn’t retrieve their Visual Voicemail messages and were getting an error 9999 in some areas.
  • Voicemail icon notification was not displaying when a new voicemail message was received.
  • Device stopped playing voicemail messages over Bluetooth® after the screen timed out.
  • Device occasionally went to blue screen during an inbound call.
  • Email font was too small.
  • Text was garbled on the call screen/dialer and the text was corrupted on the Recent Calls and contact list screens.

Beyond that, you can now choose whether you want to use Cellular or Wi-Fi as your preferred calling method when you roam internationally, a feature that’s sure to save you some dollars by making sure you don’t accidentally place an expensive call abroad.

Verizon also mentions that the devices have gotten the latest security patches. These patches may have plugged up some holes which granted access to the device’s bootloaders, so you tinkerers will probably want to avoid taking it in for now as we get word from the development community on all that’s gone down. For those not worried about such issues, be sure to check for the upgrade over-the-air.

[via Verizon]

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