Dec 2nd, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:24 pm

Motorola seems to have some big plans for Moto Mods. The company recently spoke about their plans and hopes for Moto Mods. After hearing that they wanted to add Tango to the Moto Z in the form of such a mod, even more possibilities are being dreamed up.

The company says one of the things they’re exploring is a module that adds 5G data connectivity to the phone. Realistically, this could be a bit of ways away as carriers have yet to launch 5G in any meaningful way (though very meaningful tests are still underway). We also can’t be sure of the feasibility of such a proposal, but it’s something Motorola seems keen on figuring out.

This would be the most interesting test of the modularity concept to date, because the need to transition to new data innovations seems to happen faster and faster these days. Some companies have to release new phones that take advantage of even minor network innovations, but Moto Mods could allow you to get those innovations on the phone you’re using today. That’s the dream, folks.

Beyond that, Motorola is reaching to get 4 Moto Mods launched per quarter starting in 2017. It sounds like a tall task, but Motorola seemingly has no shortage of ideas when it comes to new Moto Mods, including physical keyboards, e-ink displays, actual alarm clocks, and even walkie-talkies for the workplace, all of which are mouth-watering endeavors. What kind of Moto Mod do you want to see in the future?

[via PC Mag]

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