Motorola practically promises a Moto Mod that will add Tango


The cool thing about modularity is that you add onto a device or whatever it is you have at any time. The Moto Z launched with a fair bit of compelling (but at the same time, slightly overpriced) Moto Mod. They all serve their purposes very well, too.

But what’s on the horizon? Motorola says we’re most likely in-store for a Moto Mod that adds Tango support. Speaking at a Chicago press event, CEO Aymar de Lencquesaing reportedly said the following:

Going forward, we’ll have to address as a group how do we reconcile the products that are at the fringe? We’re likely to to have a Tango module to basically enable the Z to have Tango functionality.

This would be the greatest example of the sort of flexibility and value that modularity provides. Tango, an augmented reality technology that can measure the distance in spaces to make for a more immersive experience, requires one to buy a whole new phone right now, but if it came in the form of an attachable module then you can get this exciting new stuff without having to ditch your favorite phone (that’s assuming that Moto Z owners consider it their favorite phone). It’d cost less for you to get on the Tango train (or into the Tango line?) while not having to abandon your beloved device.

Even if modular smartphones aren’t all that mature right now, it’s easy to see why companies like LG and Motorola went ahead and tried it out in the name of innovation. It isn’t quite the puzzle-like future we were promised with Ara, but we’re loving it anyway. Get it done, Moto!

[via PC Magazine]

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