Moto X 2017 is in the works, apparently


It looks like the Moto X line could live on as a mid-range option. A new device being called the Moto X 2017 has leaked. It may be surprising that the Moto X may get another family member in 2017, but Motorola did hint that the line was “alive and well,” though at the time we figured it was just marketing rhetoric to remind people that the old Moto X phones were still available to purchase.

One of the giveaways that this isn’t a Moto Z device is because it doesn’t have any contact pins for Moto Mods, something that Motorola said would be consistent in their top-line phones for the foreseeable future.


That it has a metal chassis isn’t all that telling of anything, though, considering their Moto M has the same characteristic. We do see that Motorola has opted to place the fingerprint sensor on the front for this one as they did with the Moto Z phones (with the Moto M still being the only modern Motorola phone to plant one on the rear).


Unfortunately, we’re scarce on other details specs-wise so we’re not exactly sure where this will fit in terms of price just yet. To that end, a broad “2017” expectation means this thing could still be months and months away, and Motorola may not even decide to go through with a launch if their plans happen to change. Regardless, we’ll be on the lookout for more.

[via TechDroider]

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