Believe it or not, the Moto X isn’t dead….yet


Once the rumors surrounding Motorola’s latest devices started picking up steam earlier this year, it was expected that Motorola would be nixing the “Moto X” moniker. It was an upsetting revelation for a series of devices that helped changed the way we looked at non-Nexus devices. The software integrations brought a stock Android feel, along with some extra add-ons to create an awesome experience.

Now it seems that although the Moto Z and Moto Z Force were just announced, the Moto X series of devices isn’t completely dead yet. In a statement to Android Police, Motorola said the following:

Moto X is alive and well. In fact, Moto X Force recently launched in multiple new markets around the world. Moto X and Moto Z do share some great qualities, but they ultimately provide different experiences and make our portfolio more robust for consumers looking for the perfect smartphone to fit their needs. Tech-hungry consumers who are looking to get a brand new set of experiences from their smartphone will turn to Moto Z and Moto Mods.


From the outside it appears that Motorola will be keeping both devices, possibly turning the Moto X lineup into something more affordable. After all, the pricing details of the Moto Z have yet to be announced yet. A little more digging into the statement, and it looks as though this is just a PR ploy to not reveal any information about upcoming plans.

Only time will tell, but it will be interesting to see what Motorola/Lenovo have up its sleeves. Here’s to hoping the Moto X lineup isn’t dead just yet.


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