Nov 30th, 2016

Netflix has long been asked to add offline playback to their service, and while their earlier stance on the matter was a strong “screw that,” they’ve warmed up to it in recent times. Well, they’ve finally come around to give us what we’ve been asking for.

The feature works as you’d expect: go to the movie or show you want to be available offline, and a nice download button will be on the page for you to get it moved to your phone’s storage. You’ll be able to access that content if you have on connection, so binge watching a season of House of Cards or Luke Cage on a flight is finally within your power.

What’s better is that the feature is available at no additional cost, save for the amount of data you’ll need to update the app. It’s iOS and Android only for now, but for those in unique situations where this feature would be useful on multimedia boxes and other such home-use products, we’re reaching out to Netflix to see if anything is in the works.

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