Survey Says: Samsung is doing perfectly fine after Galaxy Note 7 debacle [POLL]


After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 suffered two different recalls, forcing the company to pull the device from shelves and halt production, many thought that Samsung would have a difficult time recovering. However, a new poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos shows that consumers in the US are still willing to purchase Samsung devices in the future.


When the recall was announced, Samsung gave customers the option to either swap the Note 7 for the Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 Edge or receive a full refund. Many customers opted to go for Samsung’s other products, but that didn’t stop Samsung’s stock from temporarily plummeting, resulting in a loss that would have bankrupt many of Samsung’s competitors.

According to the poll, conducted between October 26th and November 9th, showed that Samsung customers are as loyal to the brand as Apple customers. 27% of those polled would still consider Samsung as the top prospect for a new smartphone. 91% of those polled would purchase another Samsung smartphone, and 92% of those still using Samsung products would “probably buy another Samsung product in general.”

It’s important to note that the poll did not ask about the influence of the recalls, instead, focusing on the likelihood of customers to purchase from Samsung despite its past issues. Samsung did explain that to date, 85% of the recalled Galaxy Note 7s had been returned or replaced as of November 4th.

The company is still doing whatever it can to get customers to return the defective Galaxy Note 7. Software updates have been released to limit the charging capacity to just 60%, as this seems to be the threshold where the faulty battery issues began arising.

This leads us to wonder what the readers of Phandroid would do. Would you purchase another Samsung smartphone, or would you hold off to make sure Samsung has worked out all the kinks?

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