Samsung Galaxy S7

Last updated: Apr 17th, 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the South Korean company's baseline flagship device for the year. The Galaxy S7 is seen as a nice refinement over the Samsung Galaxy S6, with only minimal upgrades in terms of innovation.

Inside, the Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 chipset (depending on which market you're in), 4GB of RAM, a microSD slot, a 12MP dual-pixel camera, a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display and more.

Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 include IP68 water and dust resistance, fast wireless charging, and an always-on display.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an incredible smartphone with a treasure trove of features. Many people overlook the most powerful features of their smartphone: don’t let that happen to you! Get the most out of Samsung’s flagship by embracing the Best Galaxy S7 features and diving into our collection of top Galaxy S7 Tips & Tricks below. …

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