Using a Galaxy Note 7 on T-Mobile is about to get a lot more annoying


Back in September, we learned that Samsung created an OTA update for the Galaxy Note 7 that would limit its battery capacity to 60%. That update has already rolled out for the Verizon version of the phone and starting tomorrow, T-Mobile customers who still have their Galaxy Note 7 devices will be prompted to update their phones.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this update is that the recall nag notification that pops up each time you restart the phone will now begin to appear more often, in case you had forgotten that you’re using a recalled phone.

T-Mobile and the other wireless carriers in the United States haven’t outright forced Galaxy Note 7 users off of their networks, but these OTA updates are aimed at making it more annoying to keep using the phone than to turn it in according to the official recall. Despite that, there have been some reports that Samsung is partnering with carriers in New Zealand in order to block the phones from being used on those networks.

If you still have a Galaxy Note 7 that you haven’t returned as part of the recall, you should do that as soon as possible.

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