Nov 18th, 2016

The Sony Xperia Ear was announced quite some time ago as a member of Sony’s vision of the future project. While their other suggested products are likely a bit far off, the Xperia Ear was the one they were most confident that could be ready for launch in a reasonable timeframe (and we’d hope so considering it’s essentially a glorified Bluetooth earpiece). Well, the news today is that it’ll be available in the US starting December 13th for $199.

Sony Xperia Ear Concept DSC01763

As you’d expect, the Sony Xperia Ear enables 2-way phone calling, as well as voice actions and a virtual assistant feature which can deliver the latest news, updates, weather, and help keep you on task with your schedule. It does offer some other unique bits like an accelerometer and gyroscope to enable head gestures (such as a nod being used to confirm that you want to send a message or accept a phone call).

You won’t need a Sony phone to enjoy it, either, with the company making it compatible with any phone with Android 4.4 or higher. As for the other siblings in that futuristic family, read up here.

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