Download: Here are all the new wallpapers from the OnePlus 3T


OnePlus wallpapers are always pretty good, so it’s no surprise that many folks may look to get their hands on them when new devices launch. Thankfully, OnePlus makes this pretty easy by allowing their designer to release the wallpapers ahead of time.


The company introduced 5 new wallpapers for the OnePlus 3T. Hampus Olsson — the designer the company loves to work with — says they were inspired by the fact that he had gotten a call to arms for a new project on the eve of a European vacation.

He thought it’d be the perfect time to experience painting, and he actually bought art supplies to create real paintings from which these wallpapers were based on. What you’re seeing is actually an abstract of all the paintings he did, as he cut pieces from all the works and mixed and matched them until he came up with the 5 wallpapers we get today.

Anyway, they look pretty cool and if you want them on your phone you only need to click and open up the full versions below to download.

[via Hampus Olsson]

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