Google uses machine learning to make Google Play Music even more useful


Google today announced some significant changes to the Google Play Music app. The changes are all about making sure you’re finding the best music for any situation, mood, or location.


Google says they’re putting their machine learning efforts to task by using their vast knowledge base to figure out what you want to listen to. The company will offer up playlist and track suggestions based on your environment, so if you’re going to the gym it’ll show you some workout tunes, while a night life playlist could be loaded up if you’re going out for a night on the town. Google says there are many factors which can be used to determine the playlists to show you, including weather.

All of it is served up on a brand new homescreen that’ll make it easy to start playing those playlists with just a couple of taps. Beyond all this, Google has also added a dynamic offline listening experience that will automatically cache recently played tracks for offline viewing, so you’ll have some of your favorite tunes available offline even if you forget to download them before heading into a dead zone.

Google says the rollout will begin at some point this week, with all 62 of the current Google Play Music markets being hooked up at the same time. Be on the lookout at Google Play and on the web.

[via Google]

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