AT&T’s Stream Saver downgrades videos so you can save data


AT&T today announced Stream Saver, their new data optimization feature for videos. T-Mobile customers will be familiar with this one: you can choose to watch video at lower quality (around 480p, or DVD quality) in order to use less data while enjoying your content.

AT&T differs from T-Mobile’s Binge On in that it only optimized content to allow it to stream at reduced bandwidth costs, not outright making the costs free. AT&T users can turn it on or off whenever they choose, too, so if you want to watch certain content in full quality you can always go that route.

AT&T can automatically detect video sources and optimize video automatically, though they do admit there will be some rare instances where a video cannot be optimized due to the way the content owner’s streaming system behaves. We’re sure it’ll cover all the main bases, though, including YouTube.

And that’s all there is to it. It’s there if you want it, out of the way if you don’t. AT&T says the feature will be available starting early 2017, so you’ll need a bit of patience if you’re interested.

[via AT&T]

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