Snapchat Spectacles are now on sale (but only for a lucky few)


Remember those Snapchat Spectacles? They are whacky-looking glasses with embedded cameras with the sole purpose of giving you a quick and easy way to take Snaps to send to your friends. Press a button and you’ll start recording a 10-second snap that can be shared instantly.


Well, you can now buy one… sort of. They cost you $130, and the only way to get a pair is to buy them from what Snapchat calls a Snapbot. It’s a vending machine not unlike Redbox, and it’s going to be a bit rare to get the chance to snag a pair as these things will only be available in certain cities on certain days.


The Snapbot first allows you to virtually try on any pair of Spectacles you’re interested in — black, teal and coral are your current choices — thanks to its onboard camera and display. If you like how you’re looking, enter your payment details and off you go with your new camera-equipped pair of shades.

Snapchat makes it pretty easy to find a Snapbot. Just head here to get a map that’ll show you the location of all the Snapbots currently deployed. There only seems to be one such bot at the time of this writing, and that one is situated in LA.

That said, Snapchat says they’ll add new bots all the time, and they’ll pinpoint their locations on the map 24 hours before they land, so keep checking back. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to be notified of one’s presence in your area once they arrive so you’ll have to stay vigilant.

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