Reminder: Daydream View is available in-store today


Many folks have already preordered their Daydream View headsets from the Google Store, with some lucky souls able to get theirs early. If you haven’t preordered and don’t want to wait for an online shipment to reach your doorstep, though, you’ll be happy to learn you can snap one up today.


Best Buy has them in-store, as does Verizon. I’ve checked local stores in my low-key area and almost all stores had stock ready for in-store pickup today.

The headset will cost you $79, and you’ll need to have a Daydream-certified phone which, at the current time, is limited to the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, and ZTE Axon 7. Need an idea of what to expect? Your first order of business should be to read our Daydream View review.

After you’ve decided whether you want one — and decided that you want to join the wonderful new world of Daydream — look ahead for a list of some of the very first things you should do and check out!

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