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After you unbox your Daydream (Google’s new VR headset) and slap in your phone for the first time, chances are you will look to download some games. At launch, there are only three games available for the Daydream. Here they are:



Wonderglade magically teleports you to an ever-growing theme park where you can enjoy carnival-themed classic games and totally new experiences with friends and family like never before. The game taps into the Daydream motion controller to add some hilariously entertaining moments for you and those witnessing as you putt, tilt, spray, spin and laugh your way through all the levels. [Free]



Mekorama is easiest described as a mix between Monument Valley and Minecraft. It has the 3D puzzles of Monument Valley, but with the design and creation tools of Minecraft. Although it has a lot in common with other games, Mekorama stands on its own as a great game. Use the remote to move pieces and help the robot reach the end. [$3.99 USD]

Hunters Gate


The classic shooter has been reinvented for a completely new VR experience where you’ll blast your way through the town of Hunters Gate as either Forge (a lucky gunslinger) or Payne (a revenge driven mage) as you defend it from demon invasion. Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons, spells, and Hunter skills. Hunters Gate also offers co-op play over local Wi-Fi and hours of procedural content. [$5.99 USD]

23 Daydream Games coming soon

Don’t worry about the lack of games at launch. Google has shared a list of 23 new games that will launch before the end of this year, which is pretty soon if you haven’t checked a calendar lately. Here’s the full list of titles coming soon.

  1. Action Bowling (Tribal City)
  2. Archer E Bowman (VoidAlpha)
  3. Arcslinger (Big Red Button)
  4. Baskhead (VRLines)
  5. Claro (Super Bright)
  6. Classroom Aquatic (Sunken Places)
  7. Danger Goat (nDreams)
  8. Daydream Blue (RalphVR)
  9. Earthshape (Bithell)
  10. Evil Robot Traffic Jam (Element Games)
  11. Frostbound (Schell Games)
  12. Gunjack 2: End of Shift (CCP)
  13. Home Run Derby (MLB)
  14. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Steelcrate Games)
  15. Layers of Fear (Aspyr)
  16. LEGO Mekorama (Martin Magni)
  17. Moatboat (Moatboat)
  18. Need for Speed: No Limits VR (EA)
  19. PolyRunner (LucidSight)
  20. Sisters (Otherworld)
  21. Untethered (Numinous)
  22. VR Karts (Viewpoint Games)
  23. Wands (Nux Studios)
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