Galaxy Note 7 update rolling out for Verizon customers


Verizon has announced it is rolling out an update to Galaxy Note 7 customers that has multiple effects. The new software version for this update is MMB29M.N930VVRS2APHE. It provides a visual indicator that shows whether or not the phone is safe for use. After the update, if you have a green battery indicator in the status bar, the always on display, and the power off menu, your device is fine.


However, if the indicator stays white that means the phone is part of the recall and needs to be replaced ASAP. You’ll also see an important safety recall notification that pops up.


This update also introduces some safety features to Note 7 devices that are part of the recall. If after the update you still have a white indicator, your device will no longer be able to charge past 60%. Verizon recommends you recall your device immediately to prevent any risk of explosion or other issue.

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