A few lucky folks are receiving the Daydream View VR headset early


Today’s been a busy day for the folks at Google as the Google Home has launched and the Chromecast Ultra has started shipping to those who pre-ordered the device. However, it seems that someone slipped up and started shipping the Daydream View VR headset to a few folks.


The problem with this is that those users can’t use the new VR headset. Google will be releasing an accompanying application once the headset is made available to everyone later this month, but that application isn’t available on the Play Store as of yet. The app is called “Google VR Services” and the new Daydream headset can’t function without it, so if you’ve received your headset, you’re out of luck.

For the rest of us who are waiting for our headsets to ship, we are expecting that to occur within the next week or two, so it’s likely the app will be released very soon. If you want to pre-order the Daydream View headset, you can still do so from Google, and the headset will be available for purchase from Best Buy, Verizon, and the Google Store for $79.

[Android Police]


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