Verizon is testing new methods to deliver 4G LTE using drones


At the beginning of October, we reported that Verizon was testing new ways to get 4G LTE to places using drones. At the time it was speculated Verizon may be offering this drone-delivered service to customers, but for now, Verizon has posted a blog that outlines how the testing went and the use cases for the unmanned aerial systems at use here.

According to Verizon, the UAS used in the test at Cape May Airport, New Jersey was a 17-foot wingspan RS-20 UAS owned and operated by American Aerospace Technologies. The drone had FAA authorization and was approved to fly up to 7,500 feet, but was only tested at 3,000 feet and below.

Verizon says the purpose of this craft is to provide emergency personnel on the ground a strong 4G LTE signal while working. Aside from that, the unmanned aircraft can also provide emergency responders with a birds-eye view of what’s happening on the ground.

Verizon also outlined another unmanned aircraft system it used to conduct service inspections in the wake of Hurricane Matthew in North and South Carolina. Verizon says the drones in this trial were used because the cell towers were inaccessible due to flood waters.
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