Oct 7th, 2016

Drones seem to be all the rage nowadays as we are seeing more companies either release new types of drones, or companies like Google test ways to deliver burritos to students. Now, it seems that Verizon is planning for the future as it has discussed ways to offer data plans tailored for drones specifically.

In the report from The Wall Street Journal, Verizon has stated that the Drone data plans will begin at $25 per month for 1GB of data and will cap at $80 for 10GB. By being able to attach cellular chips to drones, this will allow users to stream video and images without needing to wait until the drone has returned back to its owner before images and video can be uploaded.

Initially, the data plans will allow drones to essentially connect to the internet during flight, and stream videos, pictures or other sensory data back to earth. Verizon says it could be used by companies that inspect oil pipelines, farming yields or wildfires. But the service could eventually evolve into a means of piloting drones remotely.

The problem with this plan so far is that the FAA limits the use of drones as it requires that the operator remains in direct sight with the drone. Additionally, drones can’t be flown higher than 400 feet in certain areas without expressed written consent.

It’s probably not long before we see other carriers joining in on the plans to offer ways to use cellular network towers with drones, but for now, Verizon is leading the way.

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